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Qi-Home Cell™ EMF Protection

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Qi Shield EMF Protection

Qi-Technology is the only emf protection technology that is proven through double blind studies to protect you completely from the radiation in EMF fields. It will protect you from cellular (including 5G), wifi, and other emf fields. The harm comes from the radiation and now you are completely protected. People even say that they no longer have to turn off their wireless routers. They also say that their home of office feels more relaxing to them. The Qi-Shield is designed to protect bedrooms, office, apartments, vehicles, tiny houses, and can be taken on an airplane. It is easy to carry with you wherever you go. It is the size of a bluetooth speaker. You can have peace of mind knowing you are being protected from harmful and damaging EMFs while on the go! The Qi-Shield creates a protective area of 16 x 16 feet.

Qi Me EMF Protection

Qi Max EMF

This will provide you and your family a true sanctuary against the radiation in EMF fields. Enjoy peace of mind knowing you are protected from harmful and damaging EMFs wherever you go. Protect yourself from the negative effects of cell phone radiation (5G), WiFi, electrical frequencies, electro-magnetic frequencies, and more!

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WOW – I don’t know what else to say. This Qi Me has become a miracle maker, it blows me away.

Tiffany Wattson, Tesla Gold Series
Qi Home may have cost me a few more dollars than I thought it should, but “holly smokes” what a difference!
Kennith Magel, Tesla Gold Series

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