Impacts of 5G Can’t be Ignored for High-Speed and Smoother Accessibility

As far as the question of speed in cellular technology is concerned, it is the fifth generation of cellular technology or 5G that is nothing short of a quantum leap for wireless gadgets around the world. When one talks about speed, there are two things which are equally important- on the one hand is the

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5g, Is It Dangerous? We this yes, read why!

The telecommunications industry and their experts have accused many scientists who have researched the effects of cell phone radiation of “fear mongering” over the advent of wireless technology’s 5G. Since much of our research is publicly-funded, we believe it is our ethical responsibility to inform the public about what the peer-reviewed scientific literature tells us

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Does 5G pose real health risks?

The 5G mobile network has been switched on in some UK cities and has led to questions about whether the new technology poses health risks. So what are the concerns, and is there any evidence to back them up? What’s different about 5G? As with previous cellular technologies, 5G networks rely on signals carried by

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The New Electromagnetic Health Crisis

If living beings have always been exposed to natural electromagnetic fields, and their bodies produce electric currents as well, why is there a growing concern about the human-made electromagnetic fields? Introduction Exposure to the electromagnetic field is not a new phenomenon for living beings. While living beings have always been exposed to natural electromagnetic fields, the growing

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Electromagnetic Fields and Cancer

What are electric and magnetic fields? Electric and magnetic fields are invisible areas of energy (also called radiation) that are produced by electricity, which is the movement of electrons, or current, through a wire. An electric field is produced by voltage, which is the pressure used to push the electrons through the wire, much like

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