How to Protect Yourself from EMF Radiation While Pregnant

Mothers-to-be care deeply about the health and life of their developing unborn child, and naturally this implies staying clear of anything that can create pregnancy complications. The increasing likelihood that EMF-emitting devices, now ubiquitous in modern society, can significantly increase chances of spontaneous abortion is frightening. But as with other risk factors, informing yourself and consciously limiting use of EMF radiation

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Strengthening Correlation Between EMF Radiation and Miscarriage

In a Kaiser Permanente cohort study published in 2017, 913 women were followed throughout their pregnancies. Researchers were examining the possible connection between high amounts of exposure to EMF radiation and the probability of miscarriage. Study subjects were given special meters to track the amount of EMFs they encountered over a typical 24 hour period, and were asked to

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Pregnant Women Exposed to EMFs Have Three Times the Risk of Miscarriage

If you have a baby on the way or are planning to conceive, you’re probably in the process of educating yourself on the “do’s and don’ts” of pregnancy. We all know that giving children the best possible start to life begins in the womb–their health outcomes are deeply intertwined with your lifestyle choices and environment. Armed with

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