Wireless radiation is used to transmit data through the air instead of via a wire or cable.

It is used in cordless phones, baby monitors, garage door openers, music speakers, and many cameras.

In addition, wireless fidelity (WiFi) routers make the Internet accessible in homes and offices.

Most people have both direct and indirect exposure to wireless radiation. Direct exposure occurs when you are using a cordless phone or a wireless laptop.

Indirect exposure comes from electromagnetic fields (EMFs) from wireless routers and cell phone towers.

The indirect exposure to EMFs is pervasive in the modern technological world. It is sometimes referred to as electropollution.

More than 1,800 studies have shown that overexposure to EMFs can be harmful to human beings.

I have personally seen many patients who suffer from EMF sensitivity. And it’s getting more common all the time. They’re like canaries in the coal mine.

When I encounter a patient who I think is electrically sensitive, I always ask if they have a wireless router. If they do, I encourage them to get rid of it and hardwire their house instead.

Unfortunately, many people are resistant to doing that.

Another option is to simply turn off the wireless router when it is not in use, especially at bedtime.