Sleep Disturbances

Does it feel like every night’s sleep is restless, no matter how tired you are? If this sounds like you, EMFs may be affecting you. Sleep disturbances are another common symptom of EMF sensitivity. People often report that they have a restless sleep because a Wi-Fi router or other large EMF emitter is on. Improved sleep is one of the most recognizable health improvements when a Qi Device™ is present.

“We installed the Qi Home then went away for 2 weeks. When we were gone, I slept terribly. When we got home I started immediately sleeping like a baby. Deep restful uninterrupted sleep. I have Lyme and that was a significant missing piece. Really attribute it solely to the Qi Home cell.”

– Stephanie A.


“I own a Qi Me device and have had it for roughly two months. I purchased it so that I could have protection against EMF´s. It is lightweight and portable, and I have found I sleep better with the device near me. It looks really nice and works well.”

-Diane T


“I’ve only had it for one week but I’ve noticed that the ringing in my ears is gone!

I also seem to be more alert with less brain fog. My sleep has also noticeably improved. I decided to purchase one for myself after staying with a friend for five days and slept like a baby.

I have a daughter with Down syndrome and multiple medical complications. She seems much more alert and has a livelier spirit.

I also liked the idea that double blind studies were used to test the effectiveness of the Qi- Home Cell. We are definitely seeing benefits and feel good knowing we have protection from harmful EMF´s!”

-Maggie Q.